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"I'm so happy I found this group. Cancer is hard and scary but we CAN do this."

- Jody

"I am so glad to find this group! I have found that the mental and emotional stress of cancer far outweighs the physical pain. I love seeing the posts about taking control and taking care of yourself."

- Meri

"I am grateful for Joanne DeSanctis and having the universe bring me to this group when I needed it most!"

- Debbie

"I am happy to be here for I want to connect, understand, and accept the condition I now have by sharing and by learning from other members' experiences too."

- Charlyn

"Thank you for including me in this group. Going through all of this during the pandemic has been so isolating, I haven't had the chance to connect with people or get much support."

- Rebecca

"Thank you are adding me to this group. I don’t want to burden my family with all my feelings about this."

- Karen

"This group is definitely the place to talk about everything. We all know the emotional side of all of this."

- Bobbi

"It's nice to have a place to share and be there for other people going through cancer."

- Dalene

"I am so happy I found this group, it's my favorite one now!  Joanne, you are a Godsend!"

- Debbie

"I’m so glad to have found this group!"

- Lori

"I am very happy to be apart of this group. All that I honestly need is friendship with other people who are experiencing the same thing that I am."

- Diana

"I have wonderful friends and family, but it is different than someone who truly understands. Thank you!"

- Bobbi